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"I'm an RN. I graduated from St. Baralas in Minneapolis, the oldest hospital in the entire area. I've experienced much duty as a nurse but have never seen or felt such fine compassionate care as I was given in the Hendricks Hospital. They were truly the finest. The nurses were super!." - Norma Jean

"I felt the cardio staff was great to work with. I appreciated the way they kept me informed about what they were looking for and how they would proceed to do it." - Connie

"I wanted you to know that I had to visit the emergency room at the hospital on Christmas Eve. I was very impressed with the treatment, diagnoses and kindness I received while I was there." - Becky

"Dr. McCluskey and his x-ray staff and nurses on duty were wonderful! Thank you all so much!" - Wade

"I thought I received, great care! In particular, both my husband and I were impressed by, Kathy C. R.N. My compliments on the clean and well kept facility." - Janet

"I'm very happy with my treatment and promptness in the Emergency Room. I have total confidence in Dr. McClusky and the nurses. Beings it was Sunday the business office was closed. I was taken care of right away when arriving with no questions asked. Thank you!" - Linda

"It is really nice to be able to have diagnostic tests such as MRIs, X-Rays and follow-up appointments available right here in Hendricks." - Paul

"I am a repeat customer to this facility and I have been very pleased with the service and care I have received. We are very fortunate to have this first-rate facility close to home." - Lois

"The staff is friendly and treats you well. The providers do a great job and know you on a first name basis. We are very lucky to have access to such a great hospital." - Millie

"It was a great relief for my family to know I was in such good hands." - Susan

"It is comforting to know that we have easy access to state-of-the-art medical care in our community." - Gordan

"When I make an appointment I like that I do not have to wait around long to see the doctors. I barely get time to look through the magazines in the waiting area." - Tom

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