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Hospital Foundation and Auxiliary

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Hendricks Memorial Healthcare Foundation

The Hendricks Memorial Healthcare Foundation is a nonprofit tax-exempt corporation, established for the benefit and support of the communities served by the Hendricks Community Hospital Association. In pursuance of our mission, one important endeavor of the Hendricks Memorial Healthcare Foundation has been to provide financial assistance to individuals who have or aspire to become instrumental components of the healthcare community. 

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Foundation Board Members

Paul Olson

Julie Hogie

Shelly Rybinski

Alicia Tykwinski

Tammy Niehus, coordinator

Hendricks Hospital Auxiliary

The Hendricks Hospital Auxiliary has been an active force behind many of the improvements and updates the hospital has undergone since 1956 when it was first organized.  As explained by Olena Rogness, one of the founders of the group, it is "an organized group of women who give their services to assist the hospital in ways approved by the hospital's board of directors and superintendent."  She likened the auxiliary to a tree:  "the sturdy upright trunk represents the governing board, the superintendent of the hospital, and the executive board of the auxiliary, while the branches denote the leaders through whom the 'lifeline' flows.  They convey the vital materials to and from the twigs who are the active participants.  These twigs will determine whether the entire tree will survive in a meager fashion or will grow into a healthy fruit-bearing plant...let's give our Auxiliary tree hundreds of twigs!"

Over the years, the auxiliary has been involved in many fundraising and service activities.  The beginning fundraisers included a corn drive, collecting rags for rugs, a Birthday Calendar, and collecting scrap iron.  The early Auxiliary members also would hold monthly meetings, get together to stitch quilts, craft meal tray favors and baby Christmas stockings, train Red Cross Volunteers, and many other tasks to help the hospital.  

One significant project undertaken by the Auxiliary was the creation of "This Old Place Thrift Shoppe".  Through the years, this enterprise has grown and moved into larger facilities as it has become more and more prolific.  Thanks to the tireless efforts these volunteers put in, the Auxiliary has been able to donate over $200,000 to hospital improvements in the last 5 years.  

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