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About us

Our History:

The idea of having a hospital in Hendricks originated in 1924 when a number of area individuals felt strongly about starting a hospital to serve the growing population of the area. Also at that time there was a surgeon in the community by the name of L. E. Nelson who had no close facility at which to practice.

A Board of Directors was selected in 1925 and this group raised $17,000 to construct the first hospital. The money, along with donated labor by area individuals, enabled the hospital to open in the Spring of 1926. Miss Olena Rogness, R.N., a native of the area, was hired as the superintendent, a position of leadership she would hold for the next 40 years.

In 1939, when there was insufficient room in the current hospital, the east addition was planned. In 1940 that addition was opened increasing the size of the hospital to 21 beds at that time. As the practice of medicine changed and the needs of the area increased, it was decided to construct a new hospital in the late 1950's.

In August of 1958 the new 30-bed hospital was opened and the old hospital was converted to house nursing and retirement home residents. In 1969 a new building was constructed to house the skilled nursing residents. This 40-bed facility was opened in 1970 and the original hospital building was used exclusively for housing immediate type residents.

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