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Regular admitting hours are from 8:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. daily, although patients will be admitted 24 hours a day.

You, or the person responsible for you, should sign the chart and financial or insurance forms. A parent or guardian will normally sign for unmarried people under 18 years of age. All personal information is held in strict professional confidence.

At the time of admission you will receive an identification band which we ask you to leave on at all times. You will be assigned a room according to your physician's orders, your wishes, and space available. If your room is not satisfactory, please notify a nurse and we will do our best to arrange for more satisfactory accommodations as soon as possible.

Laboratory tests will usually be done the morning following your admission.

You will only need a minimum of personal items such as bathrobe, pajamas, nightgown, slippers, toilet articles, and reading glasses.

Subscribers to prepaid hospital insurance plans and Medicare recipients should bring complete insurance information with them at the time of admission. If you are in doubt about the nature of your coverage to which you are entitled, our Business Office will be happy to assist you.

Since the hospital cannot assume responsibility for any large amounts of cash or valuables in your room, we suggest that you leave these at home. If you must bring cash with you, safekeeping is available. A receipt will be issued by the cashier or admitting clerk, and on your discharge the money and/or valuables may be picked up at the business office. During a normal stay, you will not need more than $5.00 to cover incidentals.

This facility is a smoke-free facility. Smoking is allowed only on physician order. Nursing will decide the amount of supervision required.

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